Urinary / Kidney Stones


Urinary / kidney stones can affect any part of the urinary tract from the kidneys, ureters (the tubes that connect your kidneys to the bladder) to the urinary bladder.

There are many risk factors that can promote urinary stone formation.

Genetics can be the cause of you forming urinary stones if you have the characteristics as follows:

  • Form stones at a young age
  • Stones on both sides of your urinary tracts
  • More than 1 stone in your urinary tracts
  • Form stones repeatedly
  • One of your family members has urinary stones

What Causes Urinary / Kidney Stones

  • Dehydration can increase your risk of forming kidney stones
  • Individuals who are at risk include those who work under the hot climate
  • High salt intake affects the ability of water and calcium absorption in the in the kidneys
  • This will result in a high level of calcium in the urine which is notoriously one of the main risk factors for developing kidney stones.
  • A high intake of salt also leads to reduced urinary excretion of citrate, which is one of the main inhibitors of urinary stones formation.
  • Apart from the salt that is used for cooking, many foods contain salt such as potato chips and French fries.
  • Calcium oxalate stones are the most common type of kidney stones. Excessive intake of oxalate-rich products will result in increased urinary level of Oxalate.
  • Try to avoid Oxalate rich food such as Spinach, Nuts, Bran flakes, Buckwheat flour, Beetroots
  • High animal protein
  • High intake of animal protein will increase risk of forming certain urinary stones such as the uric acid stones.


Abdominal or
Flank Pain

Blood in

Fever & Urinary Tract Infection

When Should I Make An Appointment With Kidney Specialist In Singapore

You will need to see a kidney specialist in Singapore when you experiencing the symptoms as mentioned above or your scan shows increased size of the urinary stones so that you will be able to know the procedure and kidney stones removal cost in Singapore. Contact Dr. Shirley Bang, Kidney specialist Singapore for kidney stones removal. She is an accredited urologist in Singapore.