Circumcision: Painless Surgery In Males For Better Hygiene

Circumcision is a surgical removal procedure done on the foreskin covering the head of the penis. Males are born with some tissues covering the head, also known as glans, of the penis which is removed in this procedure. It can be done due to varied reasons but originally Circumcision is an ancient practice and has religious roots. The procedure is usually carried out in a certified circumcision clinic in Singapore at a very young age, newborns to young male children, as per the consent of the parents due to several reasons.

What Is the Best Time to Do Circumcision?

There are various religious aspects related to the time of circumcision. Usually, circumcision is preferred within the first 10 days of a male child after birth. In Jewish people, however, circumcision is performed only on the 8th day after birth. It is a minor procedure that takes around 5-10 minutes when performed on a baby. As the child grows older, circumcision becomes a complex and risky procedure.

Benefits and Risks of Circumcision:

The surgical procedure comes with its own share of risks and benefits. Circumcision is awarded to the parents as a choice.  It is very important that parents take the decision considerably and have a thorough knowledge of the risks and benefits of the procedure. There are certain instances when the experts at the circumcision clinic in Singapore would recommend avoiding circumcision. This is done primarily in case of premature babies who need extra care or in case any blood-clotting disorders exist in the baby or he is born with some physical abnormalities of the penis.

Here are the core benefits and disadvantages of the procedure described greater details:


  • Male circumcision may have a range of benefits for health including:
  • Decreased risk of developing Urinary Tract Infection.
  • Less risk of certain Sexually Transmitted diseases in men.
  • Greater protection against Penile Cancer and reduced risk of cervical cancer in the female sex partner.
  • Reduced risk of developing balanitis (inflammation of the glans) and balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin).
  • Protection from developing phimosis (the inability to retract the foreskin) and paraphimosis (the inability to return the foreskin to its original location)
  • The make hygiene can be promoted significantly after circumcision as washing the penis under the foreskin becomes very easy.


Circumcision usually brings no problem to the child. Even if it does, they are minor and easily treatable. In certain cases, the child may feel pain and bleed on the circumcised site which is acceptable and easy to manage. However, if in case there is a family history of a bleeding disorder, the same must be reported to the circumcision clinic in Singapore beforehand.

In very rare chances, the penis might get infected. The common signs of such irritation or infection of the penis include redness, swelling, or inflammation. If the redness and swelling do not go away and is accompanied by a fever, it is important to consult with the health care provider. The chances of developing mastitis (inflammation of the opening of the penis) are also significant in such cases and hence an early intervention is required. When addressed as soon as possible, such conditions are very easy to treat.

What Is the Procedure of Circumcision?

Circumcision is a minor surgical process in which the foreskin on the head/ glans of the penis is removed and the excess part of it is cut off. Although the procedure is short, it demands a great deal of hygiene and expertise to perform it. It is recommended to consult only the best circumcision clinic in Singapore for the procedure.

The procedure starts with the nurses cleaning the penis of the child. A numbing medicine shot or numbing cream is used to make the penis numb after the cleaning. A clamp or ring is placed on the penis as the doctor works further towards removing the freed skin. Once done, the doctors apply a topical antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly on the surgical site and wrap the penis using a gauze.

When performed in older boys or men, which is not very much recommended, sleep medicine is given to put them to sleep during the procedure.

In the case of a newborn, the procedure takes 5-10 minutes to complete however, in the case of adult men and boys, it may take as long as an hour.

Circumcision Surgery Follow Up:

Usually, the circumcised site takes 5-7 days or maybe one and a half weeks to heal completely.


The experts at the best circumcision clinic in Singapore recommend washing the infant’s penis with soap and water only until the site heals completely. Using diaper wipes is completely prohibited. Once the site is cleaned, petroleum jelly must be applied before wrapping the penis with loose gauze. This should be done frequently or every time you change the diaper. Also, do not tighten the diaper too much. When you change the gauge, you may spot some swelling and redness on the penis along with some yellow liquid. Fret not as it is a sign of healing.

Adults and Older boys:

If the surgery is done on adults and older boys, it is important that the first 2-3 days are of high care. Resting for a few days is recommended after which normal activities can be resumed. The doctors recommend drinking plenty of water and other clear liquid in the first 24-hours of the procedure. Further, the surgical area must be iced for at least 2 hours on the first day in a 10-20 minutes cycle. The underwear must be loose and properly washed. It is recommended not to remove the gauze/ dressing until the doctor’s instructions.

Adults need to be a little more concerned about the post-surgery follow up than newborns. They will also be prescribed some antibiotics which must be taken in time till the course is completed. There can be some pain. If it is uncontrollable, you must ask for a strong painkiller. It is advised never to mix more medication after circumcision if it is not prescribed by the doctors.

Taking a bath after the surgery is not allowed before a week in adult boys and men. Riding motorbikes, cycles, and other toys are not allowed for at least 3 weeks after the surgery. Similarly, they must avoid doing strenuous physical activities like running, skipping, and swimming.

If adults want to be active they can try activities like walking every day but should not indulge in any rigorous physical activity before the doctor advises so.

When to See a Doctor After Circumcision?

If you feel any of the below mentioned signs after circumcision surgery, you must call the doctor:

  • Any trouble peeing
  • A fever
  • Any bleeding
  • An unusual smell at the tip of the penis
  • Blistering
  • foul-smelling drainage
  • continued fussiness (in babies)

In certain cases, the urologist Singapore might put a plastic ring on the top of the surgical site instead of gauze. If the ring does not fall off in 2 weeks, it is recommended to call the doctor.

Should You Get Your Son Circumcised?

It might be intimidating to decide whether or not you should get your son circumcised. It is important that as you make this decision, you keep all the pros and cons of the process in mind. Further, you must also consider various other factors such as culture, and personal choices in mind while deciding. It is recommended that you decide about circumcision beforehand and also search the best circumcision clinic in Singapore for the procedure. It is ideal to talk to your healthcare provider and ask them about the procedure. The more knowledge you will have, the better you will be able to take the decision.

Several studies have concluded that circumcision has a range of health benefits. Unlike the common notion that circumcision eliminates the pleasure from sexual activities and that it is dangerous to health, circumcision has many advantages for men and their female partners. From prevention from cancer to reduced risk of developing STDs and UTIs, circumcision ensures that the male remains fit and safe from a range of possible medical threats.  

 Whether it is done in a newborn or in an adult, the recovery is easy and does not take much time. Even if there are rare problems, they are easy to treat with medication alone. However, it is very important that the procedure is performed by certified medical experts only. The circumcision clinic in Singapore you choose for the procedure must be registered and licensed to carry out such procedures. Moreover, they must have strict hygiene and patient care policy in place to ensure the best outcomes. Weigh your options and decide whether or not you want to get your son circumcises. If yes, choose the best facility and ensure that only a professional expert performs the procedure. Talk to the expert today and take necessary precautions before and after the procedure.

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